Thursday, March 31, 2016

Success and Knowledge

"Tom Sheppard, Success is..."
I have heard it said that knowledge is power. And, knowledge shared, is power squared.

It is impossible to succeed at anything without knowledge.  Louis Pasteur is credited with saying that luck is an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Many unsuccessful people look enviously at successful people and say, "she was lucky."  Unsuccessful people don't realize how many times that lucky gal failed, and learned from failure, before she gained enough knowledge to succeed.

A smart person will learn from their experiences. A truly wise person will learn from the experiences of others.  If you don't know how to succeed, learn from someone you know who has succeeded.  

Pay them to teach you.  Trust me, they paid for their knowledge.

If you are too poor to pay them with money, then trade them your time and labor for their knowledge.  Find out a need they have and fill it. Make yourself valuable to the person you want to learn from.

And, give them value before you ever ask for value in return.

Why?  Because they already know their knowledge is valuable.  And if they are wise, they will have learned that if they give you their knowledge for free, you won't place the proper value on it. Then, you will squander the valuable knowledge they have given you by ignoring it.  You will have wasted their valuable time.

But, when you pay for something, you place a value on it. And the more dear the price you pay, the greater value you will place on that knowledge.

Every successful person I know has paid dearly for the knowledge that allowed them to succeed.

I don't care if you define success in terms of relationships, inner peace, fame, fitness, things, or all of these, your success will only come through the correct application of knowledge coupled with the effort or price you pay.

A friend of mine, Leeza Donatella (Spiritual Spew), enjoys an higher than ordinary level of inner peace than most people I know.  For her, part of the price was three weeks of silence and meditation in a painful yoga pose.

No success is free. The price may not be exacted in dollars and cents, but the law of exchange is immutable, irrevocable, and inescapable.  If you think otherwise, you have some high prices to pay to gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

You just paid for this bit of knowledge with your time. Leverage it for your success.

Tom Sheppard

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