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Résumés by Tom (Tom Sheppard, author of Fire Yourself: Get the Job You Want,  A Job Hunters Primer, Come Out On Top: Goals To Live By, Millionaire Liar and more)

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I hope you won't be offended if I am very candid here.  I am very good at what I do.  And I do this for people because I still see lots of crappy resumes out there.  However, this isn't all that I do.  I have a very busy schedule.  My consulting and writing consume a lot of my calendar.  So, the time I make available to do resume and job search work is limited.  However, when I take on a client, I give them my best.  Because of that, I don't take on many clients each month.  So, if you want my help, you need to take action quickly, or you may find I am not available when you need what I provide.

Why do you need a Résumé by Tom?

If you are happy with your current job, then you don’t.  But, if you are looking for a new job, or a better job, or your dream job, then ... Chances are, your résumé will get less than 2 seconds of attention from a hiring manager or corporate HR person before it ends up in the trash.  Why?

Because most résumés are not well done.  You may be very well qualified for the job, but your résumé doesn’t help the manager to find that information right away.  And so, your résumé lands in the trash can, just two seconds after the manager first set eyes on it.  Right along with 95% of the other job applicants.

What can you do about it?

Being good with Word isn’t enough.  Having a résumé template isn’t enough.  Using résumé writing software isn’t enough.  An experienced, professional résumé writer like Tom knows something that very few people understand.  He knows how to present the facts of your career in a way that catches the attention of hiring managers.

Even hiring managers and HR recruiters don’t know how to do this.  They may realize that they kept one résumé out of a stack of twenty because they saw something that made them want to read the whole résumé, but they don’t even pause to consider why they saw it in this résumé and didn’t in the others.  They assume they didn’t see it because it isn’t there.  But often they are overlooking very qualified candidates, just like you, because the résumé didn’t interview well.

If your résumé doesn’t interview well, you won’t get a chance to interview.

Tom knows that there are several things, not just one or two, which help managers to see what they are looking for in your résumé.  If all of them aren’t present, then you probably won’t even get a phone call or letter.

You can probably find people who will do a résumé for you for less than you will invest with Tom.  And, you will likely be getting what you pay for.  Tom’s work is high quality.  You don’t pay bottom dollar for top shelf.

Before you decide on your budget for getting a résumé done, consider this:  If your résumé helps you get a job earning just $5 more per hour, that puts more than $10,000 (more than $860 per month) in your pocket – for as long as you have that job.   Most of Tom’s clients invest less than that to get his expert help to get and keep the job they want.

See a full list of Tom’s Services and Prices on the Products &  Services Page.

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