Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Be the Expert!

I know that some of you have been waiting for me to release the second edition of my book, "Tips for Effective Interviews" in ebook rather than paperback. Like me, you have gotten spoiled for being able to carry a whole library of books in the space of a small notepad.

So, just for all you, I just made the 2nd edition of "Tips For Effective Interviews" available for pre-order as an ebook on Amazon. Check out the press release..

And while I am on the topic of press releases, if you want an inexpensive way to advertise your own services, you should try PRLog.Org.  That is who I use for my press releases.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Self, why would I ever need a press release?"

Well, the answer is simple.  One way to help you get the job you want is to establish yourself as an expert in your field.  And, there is no better way to establish yourself as an expert in your field than to publish a book on your field of expertise.

But, publishing a book is just part of the whole effort.

In conjunction with publishing, you need to do things to make sure that when someone Googles your name, they find you on the first page of the Google Search results.  You do that by not only publishing a book, but by publishing other things about your book so that it pops in the search results.

Press releases are one of those things that helps you pop up in the search results.

Another is a website using the name of your book.  And that doesn't have to be anything fancy.  For instance, if you go to, you will find yourself on the book sales page in  I bought the domain name and then I simply did a URL redirect (it sounds complicated put it is really very easy) and BAM!

One other thing that is easy to do, is to set yourself up with an Author Page.  You can find mine here.  And, on your author page, you can set up a short bio which emphasizes your expertise as well.

When you go to My Author Page, you will see that I have published a number of titles on real estate investing and career management.  I would write something about project management as well, but so far I haven't felt I have much unique to contribute on that topic.  Maybe another day. :-)

PS: If you need help on how to get your book written or published, drop a line to me at  I will be happy to help you.  The first consultation is free.

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